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We love a funny, modern day love story and Tyler and Lindsey’s is definitely it! Lindsey’s favorite thing about Tyler? He starts every day with a smile on his face! The two are absolutely meant to be. Tyler says Lindsey is perfect in every single way. He feels she excels with her ride or die attitude – it makes him feel super connected to her, her intelligence,  how cute she is (butterflies), that she can adapt to any situation and her emotional intelligence. Needless to say… swooonnnn.

So this one time, well, this past weekend to be exact, there was a wedding at what I believe is one of the very best venues in the state. The Lord Thompson Manor. It’s a place where the staff is so great, every single piece of the property is always… Well??? It’s just always perfect. Gosh. And the food… Gosh. I’ll be totally honest, it’s one of the few venues I will actually eat at. All I’m saying is that Lord Thompson Manor and any couple who is lucky enough...

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding - 48

The classic, ideal Western wedding is sort of a palindrome: you start the day slowly building to the heights of finery, hoping to look better than you ever have in your life, culminating in the stunning formality of a wedding ceremony … and then you let it all go in wild revelry, a mash of joy and sweat and hairpins. It’s how we squeeze every last bit of happiness and camaraderie out of a single day, and Jackie and Corey’s wedding was an incredible expression of the form. Beauty? Well, you have a couple whose ecstasy (and every other emotion) radiates through their whole body, classic style,beautiful, well-thought-out details and all set in the stunning Lord Thompson Manor.

This wedding at Lord Thompson Manor was just unreal. It’s really hard to describe this day… Amazing fall weather combined with gorgeous Bride and Groom, the setting at Lord Thompson Manor and the energy of the guests made it just perfect. We started with bride and groom prep, first look, some wedding pictures here and there, wonderful outdoor wedding ceremony, awesome speeches, and the day ended with everyone rocking out to Wilson Stevens Band. Loved everything about this day and we couldn’t be happier for Sunny and Michael. Cheers to...

by Juliette McKay | Blush, Color Inspiration, Gold, Ivory, Latest Weddings, Real Weddings | 0 comments We are absolutely in love with Carissa and Ryan’s Lord Thompson Manor wedding. Nestled in the sleepy northeast corner of Connecticut, the historical Lord Thompson Manor was the ideal backdrop to Carissa and Ryan’s wedding day, and the perfect match to their classically elegant eye for fashion. From the light and airy cottage house, to the dark woods of the manor’s billiards room – it seamlessly complimented Carissa’s delicate grace and Ryan’s dapper charm. Every detail of this wedding was flawless, from Carissa’s gown to the napkin...